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31 January 2009 @ 11:24 pm

made by hadtobe_blue

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07 February 2008 @ 09:03 pm
some quick thoughts on lost tonight:

cut for those who haven't seen it yetCollapse )

mood: impressed
music: don henley - "forgiveness"
03 February 2008 @ 12:24 am
author: lauren
fandom: robin hood
pairing: guy/marian (alternate universe)
rating: r
summary: "she thinks that perhaps there is not much difference between dying with a sword stuck in your stomach and a baby stuck in your belly."


somewhere deep inside of her, she has always known that he was going to be the end of her, one way or another.Collapse )

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mood: tired
music: paul simon - "peace like a river"
02 February 2008 @ 12:55 pm
so, while working on the guy/marian fic that has eaten my brain this weekend, i've been browsing through some clips, picspams, and fics, and i thought i'd make a master list here. this is mostly for my own benefit/enjoyment, but if others like it, too, all the better!

clips @ youtube.
2.03: "i offer friendship."
2.04: "i cannot talk to you through the door."
2.05: "you've been following me."
2.06: "why do you always resist me?"
2.07: "let me look after you."
2.08: "i will always believe that there's a chance for you and me."
2.09: "marian, i'm coming!"
2.10: "i'm not leaving you in trouble/marry me, and live!"
2.11: "show me."

snowystingray: guy/marian handspam and a season two retrospective
eleveth: armitage picspam and guy of gisborne picspam
dollsome: 2.12/2.13 analysis and picspam, 2.11 picspam, 2.07 picspam, 2.06 picspam, and 2.10 picspam
littledivinity: 2.03 scene analysis and the big guy/marian picspam, part one (1.01 - 1.07), part two (1.08 - 2.02), and part three (2.03 - 2.08)
gisbornegirl: smiling guy picspam

missara11: a cleansing rain (pg) and a distant thunder (r)
rosie_spleen: pumiced smooth (r)
littledivinity: room for a pardon (pg), expectation (pg), crooked shadow (pg-13), implore (pg), and the sense of its necessity (pg-13)
thelilalbatross: whispers (pg-13)
lady_t_220: five things marian never learned about guy of gisborne (or herself) (r)
dollsome: absolution (pg)
inabsentialuci: later (r)
ficmuse: the countess (nc-17 series)

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mood: sleepy
music: the killers - "smile like you mean it"
01 February 2008 @ 05:05 pm
under here for any gh fans who aren't spoiledCollapse )

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music: elton john - "rocket man"